《 Overview 》

AQUATTACK is a cement repairing material aimed at repairing pot-hole of pavement, repairing puddles, repairing of bumps, etc.

Package is small (4 kg) suitable for small scale repair.

Repair is done by just simply spreading AQUATTACK to the affected area and spray water.

This product does not require weighing and any special machine.

《 Features 》

1.Zero run-off construction will be possible.

2.Hardening is fast, so that opening to the traffic can be carried out in a short period.

3.Ideal small amount package for small-scale repairs.

4.Because implementation does not require machinery, work will be easy.

5.Adhesion is favorable both for asphalt paving and concrete paving.


  • Patching of potholes
  • Repair of bumps
  • Small-scale road surface repairs