ARA is the additive of the asphalt mixture, which is developed for the purpose of preventing the occurrence of rutting on the asphalt pavement surface at a high temperature.
ARA which consists of several polymeric materials as the principal ingredients and multifunctional auxiliary agent has high compatibility with asphalt within the mixture and dramatically improves the bonding strength between the aggregate.
In comparison with the general modified asphalt mixture, ARA demonstrates excellent flow resistance at high-temperature range


ARA can be stored for quite a while in a normal temperature.

ARA can produce only the necessary amount of asphalt mixture to the place which prevent rutting.     (from small-scale construction to large-scale construction ).

At the time of manufacture of asphalt mixture, it can manufacture only by supplying ARA directly into the mixer.

The rate of standard content ratio of ARA is 0.3 % of asphalt mixture. ( Adjustment is possible if needed.)

《 The example of quality of ARA addition mixture》


  • Surface layers and base courses of roads subject to heavy traffic
  • Locations such as intersections and bus stops where vehicles move at slow speeds
  • Locations such as docks, truck terminals and piers where heavy vehicles operate
  • Airport paving