《 Overview 》

This is the joint sealer machine which can easily inject melted sealant into joint of concrete , cracks of pavement, construction joint of waterworks/drainage pipes, gas supply pipes, etc.

《 Features 》

  • Compact in size, the machine is easy to operate on construction sites.
  • Directly-fired melting pot melts sealant directly. *1
  • The machine works with externally supplied power or an inverter generator available optionally.
  • The heating burner equipped with an LPG pilot heats up efficiently.
  • The pump unit with a geared motor is designed with special structure for higher maintainability and operation at low vibration and noise.
  • Trouble risks have been reduced by moving the geared pump from the inside to the outside of the melting pot and using a coupling method for connecting it with the motor.
  • Inverter control enables you to adjust the discharge volume of sealant with a dial control.
  • An operator can use a switch at the nozzle handle to start and stop the discharge of sealant.
  • The cleaning operation can be done safely and easily with hose circulation cleaning mechanism using light oil and an empty pail container, etc.

*1: Direct melting handles about 25 kg/1~1.5 hr, depending on materials used.

《Main Specifications》

*2: Machine weight refers to dry weight without a generator and an LPG container.
*3: Pot capacity is about 50 liters, slightly varied depending on specific weight of materials used.
*4: Discharge volume varies depending on the temperature and properties of materials used.