J-tapeis a butyl rubber type pavement joint sealing tape used for the construction of joint pavement, cracks and other damages.

It can be used directly to the paving surface without heating, anyone can do it with simple work with adhesive strength function.


  • J-tape does not require heating, anyone can easily construct it.
  • Excellent adhesiveness, it can be applied at normal temperature.
  • J-tape adapts to asphalt pavement
  • Since the surface of J-tape is fabric, there is no worry of adhesion to the vehicle tire.
  • To improve water proof performance at the construction joint of the pavement.

《Construction Process》

  1. Clean up the pavement surface of the construction area
  2. If the pavement surface is wet, dry it with a burner or the like.
  3. Peel off the backing paper and paste it.
  4. After pasting, crimp it with feet or small rollers.
  5. After crimping, traffic can be opened immediately.